About Us

Who We Are

We are county Fresh, a Ugandan dairy company with great experience:

At County Fresh Dairy, passion and the desire to succeed are the main ingredients in everything we do. This commitment is evident from the first step of the production process all the way to your table. Therefore, you can trust our products to deliver amazing flavor.

Our dedication and passion make us more than just a milk company. Along with our family of devoted dairy farmers, we are committed to taking care of our homes, which involves practicing sustainable farming and fair trade practices. When you choose our whole products or flavored milk, you are supporting not only your local farmers but also the Ugandan community.

With over 200 dairy farmers we are a big family:

Our journey would not be possible without the dedication and commitment of our farmers. Over the years, we have learned a little secret: the way we treat our farmers is crucial. It not only affects how much milk they can bring to the dairy but also the quality of the milk, as studies have shown.

At County Fresh Dairy, we like to think of every Ugandan as part of our family, including our fellow farmers. That’s why we support them in every way possible. By doing so, we not only support the local economy but also help these families continue their farming traditions. In this way, we are preserving the living history of Uganda for future generations.


As a Ugandan Milk company, we pay particular attention to all the processes in milk production, staying ahead of the curve with technology. This means that all our milk is traceable and through streamlining and vertical integration, we have created county fresh dairy operations with the capability to produce, process and pack right here in this little growing city of Gulu in northern Uganda.

All our famers’ cows have access to grass-all year. Off course we supplement their grass intake with high calorie , nutritious extras that is all home made and controlled by our technical staff in that department, but we ensure their diet is natural; No hormones, No unnecessary Antibiotics, and No fillers.

We source off- farm fodders for our famers from other local famers within, keeping our whole industry as local as possible.

We believe Milk tastes better when the cows are happy, well fed and loved. These we strive to do by educating our famers on the good farming practices in order to achieve that.